Analogies are great, so how about this one

We don't think you could enjoy a grey banana. Why not? Because it just doesn't look very yummy.

Now, in its essence, 'eating' is not a very visual process, we could just concentrate on the taste and enjoy a sweet piece of fruit. We could feel great about all the vitamins, we could make grey smoothies, or grey scale banana splits. So why do we care? It's in our nature to judge what we see by the looks of it. We might be embarrassed to admit it, but that's a fact.
If it doesn't look good, we tend to dislike it, and we don't put it in our mouth. Especially if we have the choice between a grey banana and a yellow one.

So you need a yellow banana website? A logo? Corporate design? Give us a call.

Or if you feel that your existing website, your logo or your stationery are grey bananas, we can fix those as well.

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